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Discover and explore Bodymind Integration from home with Dirk Marivoet and other experts.

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Professional Trainings in Bodymind Integration, Somatic Psychotherapy, Embodiment and Integrative Bodywork

for continued professional and personal development 

Do you wish to expand your psychotherapeutic range by integrating bodily aspects into your professional work, both in individual therapy and in group-settings? Are you on a path of self knowledge and self transformation and want to go deeper? Are you a professional (therapist, teacher, coach, social worker, bodyworker, etc.) and you want to learn more about mind-body-spirit connections?

We offer certifying training programs since 1994 (and in clinical practice since 1984)  for all those who want to enlarge their range of potential and interpersonal talents.

Core Strokes™ training

A certifying course for individuals and professionals willing to improve their skills in integrative bodymind work and go deeper into embodiment and self-development.

Training in Pelvic-Heart integration®

A 3 year program to go deeper in the understanding and practice of psychosexual bodymind work.

Advanced training in Somatic Centering ™

For practicing bodymind integrators/therapists/facilitators

Upcoming Events

In person Trainings and Workshops

Do you feel ready for a transformational experience? Are you curious to know yourself better or discover your personal resources? Do you wish to achieve more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness in your life? Do you tend to rationalize, somatize, and dissociate from feelings and emotions and want to have a different experience? Do you want to pay more attention to the expression of your emotions (without applying pressure), with care for ego-integration?

Our trainings and workshops allow you to discover powerful body-mind and mind-body tools and approaches to embodiment and personal development and the process of change. They offer a safe therapeutic working-climate to go deep into yourself and face the trauma you can carry on.

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Psychotherapy sessions with Dirk Marivoet

Psychotherapy or supervision sessions

By appointment

The IBI offers individual sessions (for adults and adolescents), couples or group sessions in Body Oriented Psychotherapy with Dirk Marivoet or one of our therapists. In individual, couple or group sessions we work with all levels of the personality: body, emotions, mind, will & spirit. We also offer supervision sessions for professionals.

In Ghent (Belgium), Europe, rest of the world and online.

What is IBI and

why bodymind integration and integrative therapy ?

The Institute for Bodymind Integration is an international training center for body oriented psychotherapy, psychomotor therapy and integrative bodywork modalities. It also offers workshops, courses and individual sessions, supporting personal development and bodymind integration. Founded and directed by Dirk Marivoet, MSc. since 1994, the IBI is based in Ghent, Belgium.

Integrative therapy follows a paradigm with multi-perspectives that embraces the complexity of life and living. Our orientation is on personal growth, the relationship between health, stress, and coping, the integration and promotion of health, a clinical practice, and a critical contribution to culture — inviting Mythos (the mythical), Theos (the divine) and Logos (reason, the word) into Holos (the whole).

Integrative therapy contact between two people


Patrick Pelzner, psychologist (Switzerland)

Dirk Marivoet’s expertise lies in a profound knowledge of the body’s and energetic systems – obviously many years of deep work flowing through his hands. I enjoyed his precise explanations of body structures and how to work with them very much. The course “Advanced Somatics Practitioner” inspired my work a lot. I can recommend him as a teacher, as well as a therapist for intense body-mind focused processes.

Sophie (France)

Dirk Marivoet can find the right words and touches in order to create confidence and security to release blocked energy in your physical and emotional body. By freeing up these areas, he re-connects us to our full potential…. 1000 thanks for helping me to be totally me in my freedom and my fluidity.

Paula Moreau-Smith, body psychotherapist (England)

In the six years I’ve known Dirk Marivoet, he’s always impressed me with his enthusiasm for bodywork and his commitment to embrace the world and share his knowledge widely. He is a wise and loving teacher with a gentle heart and deep therapeutic knowledge about the body-mind.

Wendy Leyn, retired psychologist/psychotherapist.

“Encounter between people is central in psychotherapy. Dirk had and has the guts to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of physical contact and encounter in the context of the psychotherapeutic process thoughtfully and ethically. Groundbreaking in his vision is the application of “back to body basics”. With his personal track and training institute he has put psychotherapeutic bodywork on the world map once and for all in Flanders (and elsewhere). A fantastic work that will hopefully be continued by you and many others.”

Alaya Tessa (Italy)

My deepest gratitude to Dirk Marivoet as my trainer, supervisor, therapist for continuing inspiration, support, wisdom and heartfelt qualities. He really “walks what he talks”: highly integrated competences and a wonderful human heart which can make space for everything.

Ivan Sebastiani, Director of the Italian Institute of Core Energetics (Italy)

I know Dirk since many years and I am always in admiration of his deep knowledge, creativity, wisdom and his tremendous skills working with the body and the consciousness. He is a great therapist and an explorer of the human nature!

Bernardo Gonzalez, PT (Spain)

I am Physiotherapist and I have a long experience as a sportsman and martial artist. I live with bipolar disorder (I could also say: “I have lived many lives and in many worlds…”).Working with Dirk I felt his great humanity and that he really cared about me.The experience was total and radical (New and as going to the roots). All my worlds, lives, mind, body were just one there and in this moment. Thanks to his presence, hands, voice, movement… lost memories came up. I was able to open my treasured spirituality after a manic episode. After this I felt fresher, lively from my bones to my mind and heart.

Dr. Bertrand Dutoit (Switzerland)

As a young retiree, I have always suffered from low back pain and have used a number of treatments (apart from surgery) to relieve myself. I find Dirk’s “Core Strokes” approach very beneficial for its holistic and in-depth action. Its action on the fascias during individual sessions gave me an immediate relaxing effect on the muscles in my pelvis, giving me freedom of positioning that I had been deprived of for a long time. A therapy combining more well-known techniques with its original and synthetic contribution that I absolutely recommend.

Carina Sprinkhart, Occupational Therapist (Germany)

The Core Strokes Module 1 workshop left me with great admiration for this concept. As an Occupational Therapist and Massage Practitioner I can benefit from the learnt physical techniques and from experiencing how to integrate emotional processing in this work. This holistic approach is in my eyes the best way to help and support clients and I’m grateful that the workshop empowered me to work more holistically. The way Dirk teaches is very practical and interactive which I really enjoyed. The self-experiencing sessions where very helpful for my own processing and I experienced amazing personal growth. Thank you for all of that, Dirk!

Llewellyn Diedericks (South Africa)

Core Strokes: A beautiful modality that integrates various practices based on many years of experience in the bodymind integration space. It truly offers a practice which is inspiring and precious as a gift to humanity and will surely support many people into the praxis of being “the blossoming of their best selves”. 

Marcel van Rootselaar (New York)

The common thread through the week was a sense of allowing ourselves increasingly to be our fullest self, and to let the body (our own body) show us where current or past experiences are holding us back. It was deeply moving to see others (and myself too) tackle particularly painful holding patterns, and to see the joy, the lightness of being, the fresh energy that came available upon re-emerging from the intensive work.