Do you feel ready for a transformational experience? Are you curious to know yourself better or discover your personal resources? Do you wish to achieve more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness in your life? Do you tend to rationalize, somatize, and dissociate from feelings and emotions and want to have a different experience? Do you want to pay more attention to the expression of your emotions (without applying pressure), with the focus on ego-integration? 

Our courses and workshops (1 to 4 days) allow you to discover powerful body-mind and mind-body tools and approaches to personal development and the process of change. They offer a safe therapeutic working-climate to go deep into yourself, unfold your potentials and heal the traumas you carry.

No upcoming introductory workshop for the moment.
Please contact us to express your interest in participating in an introductory workshop.


Do you want to organize a workshop with us in your country or city?

You have or know a place in your country or city and would like to organize an event with us there so that your own clients, students and network can benefit from our expertise with sessions, workshops and trainings?

Do not hesitate, follow your impulse to contact us so we can discuss this possibility.

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