A training center for experiential and body oriented psychotherapy, incorporating holistic bodywork

The international Institute for Bodymind Integration (IBI) is a training center for experiential and body oriented psychotherapy, somatics, holistic bodywork, embodiment & personal development. The IBI has been founded in 1994 and is directed by Dirk Marivoet, Psychotherapist (ECP), psychomotor therapist and holistic bodyworker. IBI is recognized as an organizational member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy. 

The Int’l Institute for Bodymind Integration (IBI, Belgium) holds a vision to be a place of excellence. A place that offers training and personal and professional development for participants that is both comprehensive and rewarding. Our emphasis is on providing our programs through a transpersonal lens of community, connectedness and deep respect for each personWe are specialized in integrative methods that simultaneously work with body, emotions, mind, will and spirit. In our view body and mind are not dual, parallel or separate parts, but two aspects of the same reality and functionally identical (a healthy mind IS a healthy body).


The Institute for Bodymind Integration (IBI) has its global office in Belgium:

Destelbergenstraat 49-51
B- 9040 Gent (Sint-Amandsberg)

The Institute itself disposes of a group room of ± 112m2 with bar, cloakroom and sanitary facilities. Here we offer both individual sessions and non-residential workshops. The space is ideal for bodywork and experiential psychotherapy.

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