Who is Dirk Marivoet?

After my studies in Physiotherapy at the University of Leuven (B) I specialized in Psychomotor Therapy (a postgraduate training in my Alma Mater) and subsequently in Psychotherapy (ECP).

Between 1984 and 1994 I was a staff member at the psychiatric centers of the KULeuven. Today I have an independent practice and I am certified as an international trainer and supervisor of psychotherapy courses.

Out of an interest in the whole person, I intensively researched the body-oriented, humanistic, existential, transpersonal and spiritual directions. I teach body-oriented trauma therapy, psychosomatics, neuroscience, Postural Integration® (myofascia and psychotherapy), Core Energetics, Reichian therapy, Bio-Energetics, Pelvic-Heart Integration and after 35 years of practice I developed my own method Core Strokes ™ . I am also a co-founder of the Core Science Foundation, an association that supports scientificity in body-oriented psychotherapy. My work builds on the insights of three important key figures from somatic psychotherapy and bodymind integration:  Al Pesso, John C. Pierrakos, MD and Jack Painter, Ph.D.

Other pioneers I personally worked with have also influenced my work: Stanislav Grof (Holotropic Breathwork), Peter Levine, Myron Sharaf, Charles Kelley, Gerda Boyesen, Stanley Keleman. Spiritual teachers such as Archie Fire Lame Deer (Lakota), Philip Carr-Gomm (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) and Peggy Dylan (female founder of the firewalking movement), among many others have given me hands-on training in ‘ancient knowledge’, shamanism, listening more deeply to the voices of the earth…

The International Institute for Bodymind Integration (IBI)

In 1994 I moved from Leuven to Ghent and founded the IBI there. The IBI is an education center and school for adults with a diverse range of courses, workshops and training in bodymind integration, holistic bodywork and body-oriented psychotherapy. I also have my private practice there where you can go for personal guidance, couples sessions and group work. The IBI has been an institutional member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) for many years.

My method

Core Strokes logo

 After 35 years of experience as a transdisciplinary clinical psychotherapist, I bring all my personal and theoretical insights and experiences into a method that I have called Core Strokes. ‘Core‘ here goes to what I call our ‘Center of Right Energy‘ and ‘Strokes‘ to ‘deep touches’ or ‘caresses’. ‘Energy and consciousness‘ are simultaneously invited, addressed and developed. As an approach, Core Strokes is strongly inspired by John Pierrakos’ Core Energetics (of which I’m a senior teacher). We work with the 5 dimensions of the personality: body, emotions, thoughts (mind), will and mind.In other words, we work simultaneously with the cognitive, emotional and physical aspect of the human being in the context of therapy and existential meaning. We use targeted forms of structural bodywork  – based on Rolfing, Anatomy Trains and Postural Integration (of which I’m a Certified Advanced Trainer) – and can deeply liberate the myofasciae from connective tissues of the body. This is always combined with mindful breathwork (based on Jack Painter’s Natural Breath Cycle), elements of PBSP, movement expression (Dance, Bio-Energetics, etc.), awareness through movement (Feldenkrais, Alexander, etc.), gestalt and role play.

Core Strokes ™  and Bodymind Integration (the collective name for all methods that I integrate) is widely applicable for many approaches to health and health complaints (ranging from depressed feelings, fears, trauma, raw, chronic pain and fatigue, etc.)


I am Physiotherapist and I have a long experience as a sportsman and martial artist. I live with bipolar disorder (I could also say: “I have lived many lives and in many worlds…”). Working with Dirk I felt his great humanity and that he really cared about me. The experience was total and radical (new and as going to the roots). All my worlds, lives, mind, body were just one there and in this moment. Thanks to his presence, hands, voice, movement… lost memories came up. I was able to open my treasured spirituality after a manic episode. After this I felt fresher, lively from my bones to my mind and heart.
Bernardo, PT in Mental Health (Spain)

Dirk Marivoet can find the right words and touches in order to create confidence and security to release blocked energy in your physical and emotional body. By freeing up these areas, he re-connects us to our full potential…. 1000 thanks for helping me to be totally me in my freedom and my fluidity.
Sophie, Tantra Teacher (Corsica)

Dirk Marivoet’s expertise lies in a profound knowledge of the body´s and energetic systems – obviously many years of deep work flowing through his hands. I enjoyed his precise explanations of body structures and how to work with them very much. The course “Advanced Somatics Practitioner” inspired my work a lot. I can recommend him as a teacher, as well as a therapist for intense body-mind focused processes.
Patrick Pelzner, psychologist (Switzerland)

Dirk Marivoet’s Memberships

  • Chair of the Core Science Foundation (CSF)
  • Full Member Belgian Association for Psychotherapy (BVP-ABP)
  • Full Member European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)
  • Full Member European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP)
  • Full Member of World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counselling. (WAPCEPC)
  • Council Member International Council for Psychocorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT) since 1999- present.

Working with Dirk

Dirk works following the ethical codes and confidentiality proper to the disciplines he practices. Even asking for advice remains confidential.

If you want to make an appointment with Dirk Marivoet please use the contact form and ask any question.

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