Module IV Core Strokes in Corsica

13 > 19 November 2023
Corsica (Calenzana)

“More than a training module, this body-mind approach offers you a real transformative experience.”

This Core Strokes workshop can be taken after successful completion of modules I, II and III of the Core Strokes training.

What is/are Core Strokes ?

The Core Strokes method was developed by Dirk Marivoet after 30 years of practice and teaching.

This psycho-corporal method combines the theoretical and practical aspects of the following approaches:

  • Postural Integration, Energetic Integration and Pelvic-Heart Integration, developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD
  • Core Energetics, developed by John C. Pierrakos, MD
  • Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP), developed by Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden-Pesso
  • Other approaches and systems such as those of William Reich, Carl Jung, Alexander Lowen, Eric Berne…

 In Core Strokes, ‘Core‘ stands for our ‘Center of Right Energy‘ and ‘Strokes‘ for the units of recognition (which can be verbal or non-verbal) and the targeted hands-on manipulations, touches and caresses that help us to come out with a new part of ourselves, or an old part of that has been hiding in the body as symptoms. The presence of the therapist should give the client the courage to begin revealing (and become conscious), what is coming to the surface from their inner depths (the Dynamic Ground, which is the seat of the deepest level of the unconscious, the inherited or collective unconscious), to purify and transform it.


    • The originality and effectiveness of the Core Strokes method lies in its ability to integrate techniques of bodywork and verbal expression that will “touch” us deep within, both in our tissues but also in our emotions, our wounds, our basic human needs, our soul.
    • Core Strokes allows us to discover to what degree the “blows”, the “spikes” that we receive can hurt us, close us, and how much the “caresses”, the “strokes”, can bring us support, recognition, and allow us to open our heart, or “Core” (our “Center of Right Energy”).
    • Core Strokes allows you to learn to express your needs and your emotions, to release your tensions, to let go, to listen and to perceive differently, to give and to receive. Trauma-based protection and defense mechanisms are effectively resolved and integrated, while developing a deep connection with your Authentic Self.

    Program of the Training Module IV in Core Strokes in Corsica

    Core Strokes ™ is a creative, dynamic and ultimately enjoyable way to fully experience the creativity, dynamism and joy of your own life force. In a Module IV Core Strokes – « Integrate Body-mind-spirit, savour the fruits and rewards of living and discover your life mission » > Integration and balancing of the 3 layers of fascia, we integrate:

    • Bodywork on the fascia: learning Core Strokes manual techniques to integrate the 3 layers of the myofascial network,
    • Body-mind-spirit integration,
    • Work on body parts and dimensions: top-bottom, left-right, back-front, inside-outside,
    • Energy physiology level 4: “charge” and “discharge” techniques and development of phases 1 to 9 of the energy cycle and their blockages (Dr. Jack Painter’s model),
    • Transcending trauma, moving on
    • Deepening and diversification of the techniques discussed in the previous modules,
    • Guided individual and group therapeutic processes,
    • Demonstration of Core Strokes sessions by the trainer,
    • Time for questions and answers about intervention methods,
    • Practicing techniques that are learned in pairs under supervision,
    • Analysis of experiences during and after training,
    • Analysis of the effects of the methods and techniques in module 4 and their limitations.

    Work outside of the classroom:

    • Individual therapy sessions in Core Strokes or Postural Integration with a certified practitioner (min.6 hours),
    • Gatherings: regular meetings to discuss and practice the topics studied during the training with other students,
    • Study of recommended source literature,
    • Personal reflection and evaluation.

    Thanks to this module:

    • I enjoy the benefits of this integration and realize that I was made to be able to be happy, caring, resilient and in a state of fully embodied health,
    • I realize that my body is the temple of my spirit, that the world is my “home,” and that there is a place for all of my relationships.

    The place in Calenzana

    This training module is hosted in the magnificent island of Corsica. Springtime is a wonderful time to spend on the Island. 

    What about the facilitators?

    Dirk Marivoet, MSc.

    is the main facilitator of this training. He is a certified psychotherapist (ECP) and a licensed psychomotor therapist (University of Leuven), director of the International Institute for Bodymind Integration. He is also a certified trainer and supervisor for all methods of Bodymind Integration (Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration®) and a teacher and supervisor of Core Energetics®, a Body Oriented Psychotherapy modality .After more than 35 years of working and teaching, both in the academic, alternative and complementary fields of psychotherapy, he created the Core Strokes ™ approach, which he offers worldwide.

    Practical information

    Date and place:

    Date: from November 13th, 2023 from 10.00 am until November 19th, 2023, 4.30pm


    Sophie ANQUETIL – 3 Villa les Elfes, 20214 Calenzana, France

    Participation Fees for the workshop:

    • NORMAL rate: € 910 (including € 10 for membership of the Usoffiu association)


    For rooms 25 € in shared room and 18 € in futon mode in the group room per day


    vegetarian, fresh ingredients, organic and local: package 35 € per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

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