“If we consider the masculine energy as flowing from the heart downward into the genitals, this heart energy becomes a part of exploring or penetrating male energy – then the genitals are not isolated in what is often temporary satisfaction. If we consider feminine energy as flowing from the genitals upward into the heart, this genital energy becomes part of a warm receptivity – the heart is no longer lonely and searching. Here we are looking at an internal kind of integration which can be supported by special positive re-parenting.” (quote Jack Painter, PhD., 2007).

Are you willing to have more fulfilling sexuality and relationship with your partner and with others? Are you looking for a serious opportunity to understand yourself better, start releasing your blockages in order to live a more harmonious and ecstatic life?

Pelvic-Heart Integration® is a registered method developed by Jack W. Painter, Ph.D. in the 1990’s-2000’s providing a valuable framework for sexual healing and self development. These introductory workshops are conduced by Dirk Marivoet and Elisabeth Renner, certified trainers in PHI.

Psychological support during circle relaxation

Uniting Eros, Love and sexuality with Pelvic-Heart Integration

Cultural sexual taboos, inner and outer splits developed throughout our lives, dualities between masculine and feminine, lower and upper part of the body… can create various relational and sexual difficulties. Unconsciously, those disharmonies influence our lives and prevent ourselves to be fully happy.

In a Pelvic-Heart Integration introductory workshop, you are going to be guided to explore those various restraints but also the power of 3 foundational forces: Eros (the transformative force), Love (the unifying force) and Sexuality (the creative force).

This workshop will allow you to experience how life and relationship with you and others are when those forces are united and blockages released.

Pelvic-Heart Integration: a healing process for self-development

Pelvic-Heart Integration approach is based on an occidental body-mind therapeutic approach. Our workshops offer you a safe therapeutic climate in order to allow you to explore hidden blockages that prevent you from being fully happy and harmonious. This work is done through various practical exercises individually or in group, under the supervision of a registered psychotherapist.

Pelvic-Heart Integration workshop is a real opportunity to let go your past conditionings and patterns and to learn how to create a more harmonious relationship with yourself, your partner and humanity.

Group practice during Pelvic Heart Integration training

Concretely, what will you do and experience during this workshop?

Pelvic-Heart Integration workshops are designed to allow you to discover and explore the following themes through individual and group practices:

  • Origin of inner and outer splits
  • Cultural sexual taboos and perversions
  • Animalistic Sexuality versus Divine Sexuality
  • Transforming infantile habitual protection and defense patterns
  • Patterns of sexual frustration from the past in the body
  • The 9 steps of the “Energetic breath cycle”
  • The masculine and feminine duality and union
  • The dynamic and life-long trio (Eros, Love and Sexuality)

Here are part of the practice we will do during this workshop in order to allow you to experience the pelvic-heart connection and the change in your body and mind:

  • Breathwork,
  • Work on the posture,
  • Soft tissue work,
  • Gestalt,
  • Role play

Important: no sexual practices are done during Pelvic-Heart Integration workshops or training.

Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for personal work and development in a group context. Given the integrative character of this workshop, we welcome both interested students from the general public and professionals.

Bring especially your curiosity, your willingness, and your desire to «move on» so that you can experience your body, feelings and emotions!

For people who are interested in taking the professional training, it is advised to follow this workshop. Contents and work methods as shown and taught in the training modules are sufficiently covered.

Who are the facilitators?

Dirk Marivoet integrative psychotherapist

Dirk Marivoet, MSc. is the main facilitator of this workshop. He is a certified psychotherapist (ECP) and a licensed psychomotor therapist (University of Leuven), director of the International Institute for Bodymind Integration. He is also a certified trainer and supervisor for all methods of Bodymind Integration (Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration®) and a teacher and supervisor of Core Energetics®, a Body Oriented Psychotherapy modality .After more than 35 years of working and teaching, both in the academic, alternative and complementary fields of psychotherapy, he created the Core Strokes ™ approach, which he offers worldwide.

Dirk Marivoet may be accompanied by another facilitator depending on the place.

Join a Pelvic-Heart Integration® workshop!

You will find below all the upcoming workshop worldwide. If you don’t find any in your country and want to host one in your place, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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What next?

Those individuals and professionals who are looking forward to improve their skills with this integrative approach to personal development, growth and therapy or who want to acquire a deeper understanding of the process, methods and techniques of Pelvic-Heart Integration® can apply for the 3 years certifying program.

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