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At the IBI you can contact Dirk Marivoet for supervision sessions.

Portrait of Dirk Marivoet integrative psychotherapist

Dirk has been trained as a supervisor and offers his services for integrative and body-oriented psychotherapists, as well as people who guide or coach people with a body focus.

Body-oriented Supervision for registered psychotherapists, counselors, coaches.

Supervision for the established practitioner is often a place of regeneration, of reflection, of questioning the theory and of its links with practice. Each practitioner has developed his / her personal style that is linked to his / her own personality. Thanks to the supervision sessions with Dirk Marivoet you can refine your interventions and you will find confirmation or help with regard to the chosen strategies and interpretations, nuance and questioning them. Supervision time is time for reflection and sharing that allows you to deal more efficiently with the difficulties you encounter in professional practice. It is time to share doubts, uncover, analyze and manipulate the therapist’s countertransference to the client; blind spots can be found.

Supervision for trainee therapy students.

For aspiring therapists, supervision functions as a safe support and provides answers to the gaps resulting from the lack of practical experience with the method. As a supervisee you will learn to use yourself as a professional in the therapeutic relationship in this phase of the training in which you start working with body-oriented psychotherapy. You develop the correct “basic attitude” in working with clients as well as in collaboration with others. You will continue to develop an independent and effective working method tailored to each individual person, in which you will learn to handle and manage your own feelings in relation to the client. An aim of the supervision is to increase your self-insight as a practitioner for the purpose of effective assistance, as well as gain insight into why people do things the way they do them.

Please contact Dirk Marivoet if you want to make use of this possibility.

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Individual therapy sessions

Dirk Marivoet psychotherapist in Belgium

Dirk Marivoet, MSc is European certified psychotherapist (ECP) and certified psychomotor therapist (University of Louvain). He is the founder and director of the International Institute for Bodymind Integration (IBI) and an international teacher in several Body Oriented Psychotherapy Schools. After more than 35 years of working and teaching in the field of integrative and holistic therapy, he created his own comprehensive synthesis and approach : Core Strokes, which he offers worldwide in the form of professional trainings, workshops and individual sessions. In the past, Dirk worked and taught at the University Psychiatric Centers of Louvain for 11 years. He is a certified Trainer and Supervisor for Postural Integration, Energetic Integration, Reichian Bodywork and Pelvic-Heart Integration (Jack Painter, PhD), a Core Energetics Teacher and Supervisor (John Pierrakos, MD) and president of the Core Science Foundation. He lives in Ghent (Belgium).

In Ghent (Belgium), Europe, the rest of the world and online.

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