A mystical experience for people who want to deepen connection, grow towards harmony and walk in balance.

This summer workshop combines Ancient Rituals of Healing and Passage with Contemporary Methods of Transformation.

  • Shamanistic Rituals of Healing and Passage have been practiced for thousands of years by men and women around the world. To enter the heart of these timeless spiritual practices can bring a vital new dimension into your life. A return to the ways of the shamans will help you to tune into the deepest powers of Nature, reduce anxiety and stress and help heal yourself in both body and mind. Life dismembers us, but with the ancient techniques for altering consciousness, we can escape from alienation and confusion caused by our demythologized and industrialized environment. In doing this, you can reconnect with the center of your own power, bring meaning and healing into life, as well as find the core of ecstatic experience. The relevance of this path to the modern world is to be lead to a creative and affirmative relationship with life.
  • Drawing on the insights and experiences of contemporary methods of transformation like Core Strokes, Body Psychotherapy and Deep Bodywork we further help to fine tune the transformation of our worst fears and deepest emotional crises on all levels of our being.

In a natural, welcoming and stimulating setting, we will offer you the opportunity to reconnect with the wisdom of the ancients and of contemporary humanistic pioneers. Affirm common commitments, rely on the richness and strength of the group, communicate willingly on an authentic valued level, connect more fully with what it means to be alive and to be a human being in the web of life.

Two men hugging Fire walking during a workshop for men

Program of the summer workshop in Villers-en-Provence (F)

  • This workshop provides easy-to-follow shamanic techniques designed to help you relax and calm your mind.
  • We explore how dance and trance can help you access the healing energies of nature and connection.
  • Holotropic Breathwork induces deep holotropic states of consciousness by a combination of very simple means: accelerated breathing, evocative music, and a technique of bodywork that helps to release residual bioenergetic and emotional blocks.
  • Core Energetics and Core Strokes process work continues to work through these blocks.
  • The Inipi or the ritual of the sweat lodge is a ritual of purification. This ritual consists of songs, prayers, and other actions conducted in a tightly enclosed, dark, and extremely hot environment. Participants who “sweat” together experience moral strengthening, physical healing, and the renewal of social and cultural bonds.
  • The Firewalk. Walking on fire exists for several thousand years, with records dating back to 1200 B.C.  Cultures across the globe, from Greece to China, used firewalking for rites of healing, initiation, and faith.
    • Our use of a Tibetan rooted tradition, has short term effects that should include:
      • Overcoming fear and limitations
      • Letting go of old suffering (e.g. habits, patterns)
      • Unleashing the power of raw passion
      • Learning to connect with the infinity of universal energy
      • Raising your current level of awareness, courage and focus
    • The long term results for most include:
      • A greater and clearer sense of purpose
      • An ability to channel the power of the experience into other areas of their lives
      • A continuum of growth
  • Animal powers: The animal powers of the Serpent that sheds it’s skin will help us in our transformation or metamorphosis; the Puma with its vigour and agility in action can teach us how to stay focused and transform our fears; the Eagle carries our breath and prayers to Great Spirit.
  • Encounters with Nature, Group Mandalas, Meditation, Silence…
  • We work in large and small groups, individually and in pairs. Throughout the program, regular attention is paid to body awareness that allows you to increase your physical and emotional sensitivity, and thus your ability to enjoy.

The place in Villers-en-Prayères

This summer workshop is hosted in Villers-en-Prayères at 2h from Paris, in the “Domaine des 7 Vallons”. Built on 43 hectares of land with lakes, forests and meadows, the Domaine des 7 Vallons enjoys a natural setting conducive to healing, while being accessible by public transport. It is situated in the Champagne region in the heart of nature,  a wonderful place with a large hosting capacity. For more details, see HERE.

What about the facilitators?

Dirk Marivoet, MSc.

is the main facilitator of this workshop. He is a certified psychotherapist (ECP) and a licensed psychomotor therapist (University of Leuven), director of the International Institute for Bodymind Integration. He is also a certified trainer and supervisor for all methods of Bodymind Integration (Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration®) and a teacher and supervisor of Core Energetics®, a Body Oriented Psychotherapy modality. For many years he has worked with shamanic and mystical principles, ranging from Druidry to the Inipi ceremony.

Practical information

Date and place:

Date: from August 22nd 2023 (2pm) to August 27th (4pm).

Venue: Residential workshop, at 2h from Paris, in Domaine des 7 Vallons (in Villers-en-Prayères). Details HERE 

Participation Fees for the workshop-training:

  • Educational Fee:
    • EARLY BIRD 660 € (registration deadline June 30th 2023)
    • NORMAL RATE: 710 € (after June 30th 2023)

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Benefit from a 10% discount by bringing one other person with you


English (Translation into French and Dutch possible)

Accomodation and Meals:

Accommodation and meals: between €20 and €115 per day depending on the option chosen.

The earlier you register, the more choices you have for accommodation.

All the details about Meals and Accomodation HERE

For additional questions, contact Solène Garreau, in charge of the organisation at: solenegarreau@posteo.net