22.06.2022 | 13:00-21:30 CET | 9 lectures | Live via Zoom

Renowned practitioners and trainers from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland and South Africa will show where and how they find the Polyvagal Theory helpful in their therapeutic, clinical and educational work and why.

Congress languages are German and English. All contributions will be simultaneously interpreted into German or English.

The attractive early bird rate of 140,- € is valid for the online congress until 15 May 2022.

Polyvagal theory is increasingly being widely received and discussed in therapeutic and counselling circles. It enriches many fields there, both conceptually and in practice.

Polyvagal theory (PVT) has been in practical use in therapy and education for some time now and is – almost – familiar territory to an ever-growing professional audience. At least when it comes to one of the foundations of polyvagal theory: there are three states of our autonomic nervous system that control our reactions to signals from our environment regarding safety, danger and life threat. The multidisciplinary significance and complexity of polyvagal theory then becomes apparent when we study the literature. As soon as we go deeper, many exciting questions about its application arise. Possibilities of significance open up that go far beyond the (already common) inclusion in trauma therapy.With our congress we now want to strengthen the professional exchange, among other things to achieve the networking of PVT with additional scientific research and practical experience. This networking is about the most diverse areas in general psychotherapy, medicine, (social) work and education, prevention with such important new areas of application in therapy as e.g. depression, anxiety disorders, borderline, addiction. In medicine, e.g. neurogastroenterology, neurocardiology, neonatology; in the field of education, safe schools, successful co-regulation already in the kindergarten, but also basically psychoeducation for PVT in all areas where people live, learn and work together are needed.At this first congress we will focus on the following central topics of PVT:- Neuroception
– Co-regulation and self-regulation
– Flexibility on the “polyvagal ladder” – how to safely transition from acute and past neural states of defence into states of connectedness.There are many quotes by Dr Porges that are worth mentioning. A favourite quote that is very current and reflects our motivation for networking PVT with as many disciplines as possible is: “If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer“.For this, PVT provides us with deep understanding rooted in the neurobiological realm. 

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  • Deb Dana : Lecture title to be published
  • Sabine Fruth : How to meet your N. Vagus – case studies about the great combination of Polyvagal Theory and Hypnotic Body Journeys
  • Woltemade Hartman : The Art and Science of combining Polyvagal Theory and Ego State Therapy: A powerful Match!
  • Krzysztof Karauda : Connecting polyvagal theory (PVT) and hypnotherapy. Therapist’s reactions as a key element in the therapy of anxiety disorders on the selected example
  • Dirk Marivoet : Deep Bodywork, Pelvic-Heart connection and the Vagus Nerve
  • Stephen Porges : Lecture title to be published
  • Stefan Schmid & Erwin Müller : Serenity and Presence through Safe Personal Connectedness: Yellow School
  • Gunther Schmidt : Hypnosystemic Ecology-Designs for People with Autonomous Nervous Systems- Polyvagal Theory meets Hypnosystemics
  • Silvia Zanotta : Healing Trauma with Ego State Therapy and (Polyvagal) Body Wisdom – A Case Study
  • Panel discussion : Deb Dana, Stephen Porges, N.N.

Online Polyvagal Congress 22.06.2022